Provisional Programme.

Approximate Times:

10:00 Doors open. *
10:30 Repacking talk and demonstration. *
11:00 Zip slide open.
12:00 First Aid talk and demonstration.
13:30 Repacking talk and demonstration.
15:00 First Aid talk and demonstration.
17:30 Last Zip slide.

*Note. The hall will be open at 10am, if you are early please wait in the café or reception. If you are a late arriving please try not to disturb the talk, it is repeated in the afternoon.

What to bring:

The BFR is open only to BHPA members. Please bring your BHPA membership card.

Also bring your harness, helmet, gloves and reserve parachute. Please bring your parachute's packing manual and harness fitting instructions, we can work around it if you don't have these. Food & drinks can be purchased from the Rivermead café or bring your own.

What's happening?

The famous "Zip Slide" will be set up as usual - as real as it gets indoors!

Repacker training

A Team of BHPA repackers will be providing comprehensive repack training. Pilots will be arranged into pairs or small groups with similar systems and will slide and pack together. Repacking lecture is given twice to allow us to minimise crowding and reduce queues for the Zip slide. There will be plenty of BHPA qualified repackers on hand to help anyone who may be unhappy about packing their own ‘chute. Chutes can be left for a ‘professional’ pack, but everyone should be able to have their chute packed on the day.

First Aid training

Bob Nugent, or one of his team, will be providing guidance on incident management and first aid. The First Aid will include dealing with fractures, back and head injuries.  The aim of the talk is to make you feel confident to assess and take control of the situation, how to call the emergency services and provide basic first aid to the casualty. 


Rivermead leisure center:

Telephone: 01189 015000

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Small Print:

Booking Conditions

The BFR is run by the Thames Valley Hang Gliding Club for the benefit of its members and the flying community as a whole. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure everyone's safety, you attend the event at your own risk. The event is only open to BHPA members.

The booking process uses a cookie to track your shopping basket of pilots.

No motors; the sports centre does not allow any petrol or oil in the Hall.

Sorry but all bookings are final. We are unable to refund your money if you decide not to attend, however you can send someone in your place. Please email us in advance to let us know who is replacing you, email to

You must bring your BHPA membership card or you will need to pay a day membership.