Repacking Talk

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The repacking talk if given by BHPA qualified packers and covers the following.

  • How to deploy your reserve
  • How to repack your reserve
  • How to fit your reserve into a harness

There will be BHPA qualified packers on hand offering further help for anyone still not confident in their own packing ability so everyone should leave with their 'chute repacked.

Zip Wire

BFR zip line image

Sorry this year we may not be able to run zip wire, price has been reduced by £5.

The Zip slide allows you to deploy your reserve in a realistic yet safe environment.

Checkout the videos in our gallery to see it in action.

Dealing Accidents / First Aid Talk


The Dealing with accidents talk and first aid demonstration will empower you to deal with incidents. The following topics are covered.

  • Assessing the situation
  • Securing the wing
  • Calling Emergency Services and Air Ambulance
  • Basic First aid covering broken bones, spinal and head injuries

Be Ready for 2016:

  1. Lean how to deploy reserve
    Learn and practice the correct method of deploying your reserve.Be ready if the worse happens
  2. Lean how reserves are packed
    Learn how to reserves are pack and fitted to harnesses. You will be ready if your reserve is falls out or is unpacked by customs on your overseas trips you will still be able to fly.
  3. Lean how to help if the worse happens
    Bob Nugent (or one of his team) will be running his hands on first aid demonstrations showing you how to deal with broken bones, spinal and head injuries.

Last year's Big Fat Repack was another success, this years will be held on 20 March 2016 at the Rivermead Leisure Complex, Reading.

How much does it cost? Only £25.00, TVHGC members can book at a discounted rate £20.00. More than one reserve an extra £5.00

Numbers are strictly limited to 140. Queries should be emailed to

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